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Where does the time get to? It’s now UNDER(!) 24 hours before we turn our pedals in anger – setting out from Greenwich Park to Calais.
Our London to Paris training has ground to a halt like a derailed Eurostar train. One Gurning Grimpeur is carrying an ominous injury (which started as some red hot tendonitis in the heel/ankle). Both ‘athletes’ (ahem) are relieved this has started to clear up and the patient's tortured, pain-induced, gurning has abated. 

There'a also been the threat of contracting RSI from the frantic bout of emailing, Facebook-posting, tweeting and blogging that’s been going on, to drum up further sponsorship on our Justgiving page. The show, however, must go on.
We’re all packed at least - give or take. All that remains is to cram into our bags, all the ‘essential’ last-minute items we’ve bought in a retail frenzy at Sigma Sport (I scoured the shop but they had no, ‘new sets of legs’ on offer).
We hope the pre-booked taxi (‘big enough for two adult bikes’, they…


We’ve already ‘got the t-shirts’. But we haven’t yet, ‘been there’ (Paris); or, ‘done that’ (cycled to the French capital).
Of course that’s all about to change. Team, Gurning Grimpeurs, are less than a week away now from the Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research (LLR), fund-raising ride from London to Paris. And 500km in 4 days is certainly something to gurn about. It will require considerably more effort than the daily 23 mile bike commute to work, or a rigorous RPM class in the local gym.
As mentioned elsewhere, we’re doing the ride to raise money to help the fight against leukaemia after that dreadful disease touched our lives recently.
A tag line on the charity’s website reads, "Closer to a cure thanks to you”. And that just about sums up our motivation to raise as much money for LLR as we possible can – through the imminent London to Paris ride, the Prudential Surrey 100 sportive in August and other assorted events.
Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research has been working in cancer researc…