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If you thought riding from London to Paris was an energy-sapping slog, try getting permission to set up a turbo trainer in a shop, public street or local gym for the purposes of fund-raising…

Of course, lots of you have. And ‘chapeau’ if you’ve had more luck than me - so far at least.

“Just putting you on hold, sir.” Cue banal lift music – apparently forever.
“Just putting you through to the relevant council department, sir.” Cue recorded options’ message, “Welcome to Kingston upon Thames, Children’s Services…”

“Please can you first send us an email, sir.” Cue fruitless wait for a reply – lasting weeks and weeks! “You sent us an email when? I don’t have a record of that – could you send us another one please, sir?” Cue losing the will to go on – almost.

“You sent an email to the address on our website?” Cue thought bubble, ‘Yep, and that was TWO WHOLE MONTHS ago’. “But sir, you’ll need to send an email to our general manager – he’s at this address.” Cue near catastrophic abuse of the phone receiver by way of the tabletop. Must get the French polishers round to fix those dents.

“Of course you can set up your turbo trainer outside our shop, sir.” Finally. Cue, internal cartwheels of joy. “All you have to do first, is get permission from the company which manages this site.” Cue the strangled groan of a beaten man. Needless to say, I’m still waiting for a response from the management company.

Then along came the boys in blue.

“We have no problem with your setting up your turbo trainer in the Market Square for your fund-raising. Here’s your reference number for the council. Please just let us know which date you’ll be doing this on.” You can’t get much more legit than police permission AND a reference number.

It goes to show that perseverance does pay off. Just like the L2P cycle really. Keep pushing those pedals. You’ll get there in the end.

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